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Gathering strength, unity and struggle - Lepower held its first tug-of-war

06/23/2017   Lepower    0

  To enrich the sparetime life of associates, as well as gathering internal strength and enhance team-building, Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Corp., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as "Lepower") held its first tug-of-war downstairs in the afternoon on June 23rd, 2017.

  Players selected from each department formed eight groups- Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 and Team 4; Mixed 1, Mixed 2, Mixed 3 and Mixed 4, respectively。 The referee announced the rules of the game before the game: match race, the first round eliminates 4 teams; the rest 4 teams draw to decide the second round opponents, and finally comes the Top 3。

  Each team has sent the strongest players, work together, race the top。 When the game's whistle sounded, the players together with the mouth shouting "one-two-one-two"。 Everyone was clutching the rope, pull hard to the back, and the company leaders is also cheering next to the team。 Those staff who didn’t participate formed a cheering squards, roaring and shouting。

  During the match, each participant actively into game and bring to its peak; Team members work hard whether participate or not, and the tension were high. Rhythmic shouting and roaring echoed in the air.

  Especially in the final, both team do not retreat, bite the bullet and adhere to the end. The players on the track all boosting high-spirited, with their sweat embodies the meaning of teamwork. Their indomitable willpower and the spirit of hard work make everyone touched. Cheers added lustre to the match, and every cry has brought a force!

  After two round exciting competitions, Mixed 3 team, composed of lighting workshop from 3rd floor,won the third;Mixed 2 team, composed of lighting group from 2nd floor, won the second; and the champion, Mixed 4 team, are composed of the R & D, engineering, production Department.

  We carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities, so that everyone in Lepower feel the love and care from all levels of organization. This activity not only shows the spirit of the staff, but also help employees to establish a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; This game is an opportunity - to show the courage and confidence as well as in work, effectively improve the power of execution, cohesion and cross-functional coordination.

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