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Lepower: Grand Opening of China LED Lighting Event! New technology, New opportunities

06/15/2017   Lepower    0

  With the knowledge to change the world, holding such a belief, LED industry entrepreneurs and industry scholars launched a new product release conference in Shangri-La Hotel on June 10th during Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.

  This conference sponsored by Shenzhen Lighting&Display Engineering Industry Association and daily LED full media. With more than 150 experts attended, the host invited several senior leaders, as well as professors from Chinese Institute of lighting technology application of the semiconductor lighting professional committee and China Lighting Association.

  (conference site)

  Background of the report:

  With the continuous development of LED industry technology, LED industry chain technology and new product innovation are springing up recently. During the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, both home and abroad well-known enterprises, industry leaders and experts get together to have the conference hold.

  In the seminar, Mr. Junyi Qu, Chairman of Lepower Opto Electronics Co., Ltd. , made a lecture on the theme of "High luminous efficiency module and intelligent interconnection". Mr. Qu described in vivid details, from the intellectual development trend of LED outdoor lighting high Luminous Efficiency, high Color Rendering Index, low Color Temperature, to the practice and achievements in intelligent LED system made by Lepower. Mr.Qu brought an auditory feast to the audience.

  (Mr.Junyi Qu, chairman of Lepower, explains the intelligent control of street light technology)

  ( Mr. Qu introduced a cost-effective product)

  Nowadays, intelligent lighting becomes a new trend, and the technology gradually become popular. Smart lighting has ushered into the new market outlet, become the inevitable trend of future development! Lepower integrated the upper and lower industrial chain, cut down the intermediate links, and improve the cost performance of lighting. Lepower also establish manufacturing system of light source packaging, optical design and integration production, which could quickly meet customer’s demand with customized production.

  (Mr.Qu in meeting)

  Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Corp。, Ltd。,(or “Lepower” for short) ,stock code 838452, is a professional comprehensive LED lighting enterprise engaged in high power LED encapsulation, optical design and LED lighting R&D。 As a leader in high-power LED lighting solutions, Lepower adhere to the high quality product line, specializing in the production of high power lamp beads: flip FE30 / FE35 series, flip-flop and integrated COB light source series, SMD2835 / 3030 series, single 1-3W imitation lantern lamp series, etc。 We provide integration solutions to customers in production of LED light source, LED lighting module, and integrated LED lighting。

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