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Lepower CORP :Warmly congratulations to 2017 China LED outdoor lighting seminar held in Chongqing

05/23/2017   Lepower    0

  On May 23rd, 2017 China LED outdoor lighting seminar in Genesis Hotel in Yubei, Chongqing held as scheduled. It hosted by the Shenzhen Lighting&Display Engineering Industry Association and Chongqing Lighting Association, and undertook by the daily LED full media. The conference gather a number of experts in the field of LED lighting to "explore the opportunities for urban landscape lighting" and to discuss the future direction of LED lighting development, as well as build a new system of urban landscape lighting. Among them, Mr. Junyi Qu, President of Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lepower"), attended the seminar and delivered a speech.

  In the seminar, Mr. Junyi Qu published a wonderful speech on the development and utilization of IIOT and energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting. Mr. Qu described in vivid details, from the intellectual development trend of LED outdoor lighting high Luminous Efficiency, high Color Rendering Index, low Color Temperature, to the practice and achievements in intelligent LED system made by Lepower. Mr.Qu brought an auditory feast to the audience.

  (Mr.Qu brought an auditory feast to the audience.)

  "We control light and light control us, too。" Studies have shown that lighting has many non-visual effects, such as emotions, warnings, and circadian rhythms。 A European university has added some blue background light to the ceiling of the library, and the test finds that it helps to improve learning efficiency, which means highly intelligent is the future directions of the IIOT。

  At present, Lepower set up a professional team to develop the hardware and software of LED lighting intelligent control system. More than that, Lepower own complete manufacturing system of light source packaging, optical design and integration production, which could quickly meet customer’s demand with customized production. Lepower have been widely used in domestic and foreign customer cases, such as LED street lighting in Yixuan highway, LED street lamp renovation in Canberra, Australia, Manchester City shopping mall LED street lighting and so on.

(Case Study of Canberra, Australia)

(Manchester City shopping street lights case)

  Today, Lepower have established a strategic partnership with world's top chip-makers BRIDGELUX and Taiwan EPISTAR factory. Together we have taken a step towards the IIOT of LED outdoor lighting.

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