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Lepower: high efficiency high power LED light source with compatitive price, start from FE30/FE35

07/15/2016   Lepower    0

  Technological innovation and market demand are the two great help for the development of LED industry。 Review the development history of LED encapsulation industry in China, it has been developed from DIP LED, Piranha LED to SMD LED ,COB,FLIP CHIP etc

  AS Chinese leading led encapsulation enterprise,Shenzhen Lepower Opto Electronics has been witness the change and technological innovation of LED light source products since its setting up in 2008. It has gone though 3 stages: from earlier stage of 1-3W high power led ,to SMD2835/SMD3030,to flip chip FE30/FE35,the size of led become smaller and smaller ,but with more reliability and competitive price .

  The born of FE30,FE35 has been based on market demand for higher power and higher brightness 。 it with clear marking positioning at the beginning of product development。。It is used to replacing traditional 1w high power LED, plane EMC3030, ceramic substrate 3030/3535, XPG similar。

  Features of FE30/FE35 as below :

  1, FE30/FE35 series support 1A electric current flow, max 3W, because of the chip

  voltage varies very small with the current changes, LED chips are more stable.

  Under the same efficiency, the lightings that use FE30/FE35 LED sources are

  smaller, of higher watt, better performance, larger designing space, lighting

  system cost much lower。

皇冠足彩APP  3, FE30/FE35 series adopting innovation structure, default lens is

  self-developed for encapsution, compare with last generation flat

  package products, FE30/FE35 raised 10%-15% output rate, also

  expand front light area, heat tunnel is more fluent, , easy for next

皇冠足彩APP  light distribution, the quality of the light is highly increased!


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